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$ELLEBRITY ANALYSIS Critical Analysis Essay Sara El Ouafiq Al Akhawayn University Author’s Note This paper was prepared for FAS1220 class, section 04, taught by Dr. Michelle Hansen Abstract This paper is a critical analysis to the main argument presented in $ellebrity, a film made by the photographer Kevin Mazur. In the film, the author presented a strong and important argument, which is that celebrities do not live a peaceful life because of the paparazzi, and that is all because of consumers, because they are obsessed with the lives of celebrities and they are the ones xho encourage the paparazzi to follow them. The purpose of this critical analysis essay would be to show the effectiveness of this argument, through analyzing…show more content…
They want to buy fancy cars and clothes, live a prestigious life, and have a large number of fans. However, being a celebrity is not all roses. $ellebrity is a documentary that shows one of the dark sides of fame. It pictures how celebrities suffer from the paparazzi, gives reasons that make this latter follows them, and also argues about how the consumers participate in all of that. This documentary is made by the photographer Kevin Mazur, dedicated to a very large audience, including celebrities, paparazzi, all kinds of photographers around the world, and society as a whole, in a time where the obsession with famous people’s lives became widely expanded. The main argument discussed in this film, is that celebrities became objectified, and are no longer considered as normal human beings with dignity, as they are being chased everywhere by the paparazzi. And this is all the fault of the consumers, because they are the one who want the private lives of the celebrities to be unveiled, and the ones who feed the greed of the paparazzi. This argument is logical and effective, as it uses ethos and logos, as well as some concrete examples from the real lives of celebrities, paparazzi, filmmakers, and consumers. This issue really matters, because the consumers should be aware that their obsession with celebrities and their critical attitudes towards them are causing multiple damaging effects on media as…show more content…
Reading magazines about celebrities, and almost all the pictures in them were taken by the paparazzi. The documentary also reported what some consumers think, one girl said: “You know you don’t have to look, but you’re just curious” (2012). If we take all these examples and put them together in one frame we can see exactly how the author managed to reflect to his audience his argument. He showed us how the celebrities suffer from the paparazzi, and how the paparazzi do that for a living, because they can easily sell their work with huge amounts of money just because the consumers are always there waiting for the latest scoops and gossips about celebrities. I think that Kevin Mazur did a great job in presenting his argument and supporting it; however, I believe he could have done better if he added the opinions of sociology or psychology experts on the effects of the consumers on the media, to show how the consumer has a big influence on the media as a whole, and how his or her current behavior and critical attitude is affecting it

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