Critical Analysis Of The Movie The Princess Bride

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This critical analysis will talk about the movie "The Princess Bride". The Princess Bride is a movie that narrates the love story of Buttercup, a girl from a big kingdom who had a employe called Westley, and Westley, a brave man who is employe of Buttercup and do what she tells him to do. Both of them were from a little village of a kingdom, were Buttercup and Westley fall in love, but like Westley didn 't have money for getting married with Buttercup, he makes a trip by boat. In this trip he is "captured" by a pirate called Robert. 5 years later, Buttercup becomes the fianceé of the prince, but she doesn 't like him; then she reunites with Westley and after some obstacles both of them end together. After talking about the movie, the text will tell how do the story showed the Middle Ages in the political, cultural, economic and social dimensions. After this there will be a comparison about the accuracy of the movie to the real history (if is accurate or not).Then it will give a conclusion about all mentioned in this critical analysis and of it is accurate or not.

Summary: In the movie The Princess Bride shows the Middle Ages in different dimensions. In the social dimension it shows different social classes; this is evidenced on how they look, how they live and also how their manners are ,in other words their behavior, this is evidenced when Buttercup and the Prince talks it is shown the difference of loyal bility, in the political dimension it is shown a very
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