Critical Analysis Of The Novel Holes

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Holes: Analysis Paper The novel Holes is an award-winning novel that can be read by many different age groups and still be able to get something out of it. Whether it’s a lesson or if it 's just for entertainment purposes. This literature will be analyzed from the content and not its style. By simply using the literary tools such as the critical element and rhetorical devices. Analysis In every piece of literature there is a theme. The theme is its underlying message or the big idea the author is trying to convey. But with this novel there happen to be more than just on theme. One theme of the story would be "The impossible is possible". When we think about the impossible it 's something that can 't be done at all. In your mind it has never been accomplish by anyone or the circumstances is holding you back from accomplishing something. Throughout the story Stanley and the boys had to with a bunch of situations that some will say is impossible. They had to withstand heat, digging massive holes that were taller and wider than them all. Not to mention the threat of being bite by snakes and yellow spotted lizards every day. Also, when Stanley and Zero both ran away from the camp. The camp was the only place that had water within 100 miles or so. According to everyone they would become "buzzard food" within the first few hours. Not only did they cross the dessert they both climb a mountain while being severely dehydrated and tired. The brave actions or Stanley, Zero and even the
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