Critical Analysis Of The Open Boat

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Stephen crane’s, the open boat is a story of four men trapped inside a lifeboat in the middle ocean. The events take place in one night, and by the break of dawn, everything finally comes to an end. This paper, therefore, is in an attempt to give a vivid critical analysis of the events that take place on this night, where a man faces nature and is left with no other option than to fight for survival in cold night filled with almost supernatural happenings. The story projects in a way that the reader easily realizes that the reader is part of the crew that stranded in the sea. Critical analysis of the story narrows down the narrator to the correspondent, basing on the twist and way of narration. It is evident however that the narrator is using…show more content…
Synonyms of the word open are exposed or vulnerable. Open could also mean approachable or available. From both perspectives, it is evident that by giving the narrative the title, the open boat, the narrator defiantly used the word open to symbolize the real state of the happenings in the sea, from the fact that water could easily get into the boat, the occupants could not prevent the cold of the night from getting to them and that even the sharks could have easily attacked the occupants of the vessel. It is evident that the goal of the crane was to bring out the fact that the four men were in a vulnerable situation, a situation that pushed them into a position that made them see things from a different perspective. Something that they had never done before. At this point, they were able to see the essence of life and were able to get basic with life. For instance, when the cook asks the Oiler if he loves pie. The death of Billie the oiler comes at the end of the story. The events at the end of the story seem to be so many and happening at the same time. The final moments of Billie portrayed as to be using his strength and might more than logic and reasoning. He also seems that he finally decided to abandon the others and make it ashore alone. All these however only results to his death and the survival of the others. The author at this time could be passing the message of the importance of teamwork. It can however also not pass unnoticed that at the end all four men seem to be hanging on different straws to survive, and this time, individually. The captain is holding on to the boat, the correspondent and the cook have a lifebelt each to keep them afloat, and the oiler decides to swim across. By this, the writer could be pointing out to the aspect of self or individual

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