Critical Analysis Of The Storm

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The Storm : A Critical Analysis
The Storm is a short story written by Kate Chopin in 1898 and published in 1969. It took several years t publish the book possibly due to the sexual factors and aspects this story addresses. This short story is considered as one of the finest examples of Chopin 's genius. The use of language, the compact structure, the exquisite presentation and the unique attitude attract the readers. But the most impressive feature is indeed the topic of the story and how it relates to the societal attitude.
In the late 1880s, the time when this story was written, women were not at all allowed or expected to engage themselves in the act of adultery. The informal social norms did not even allow them to express their disgust or displeasure in the marriage. Marriage was thought to be an ever-happy institution. It was dominated by the man. Women were always expected to follow the societal norms of marriage. But, no one hardly cared for those women who felt suppressed and confined in the limited dimension of sexuality and spirituality of their marriage. Chopin 's The Storm takes a dig at these societal norms and attitude that never cared for the women of the society. Being a widow herself, Chopin could perfectly realize the boundaries drawn by the marriage to the openness and freedom of the women. This is predominantly reflected throughout the story. The issue and the attitude toward this issue by the writer really stormed away the
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