Critical Analysis Of The Writer Etzioi's 'Working At Mcdonalds'

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In the essay 'Working at McDonalds' the writer Etzioni has expressed his opinion about teen employment and specifically those who are working at some fast food restaurants like McDonalds. The writer has stressed on the negative outcomes of teenagers working at fast food restaurants. He says that the parents need to understand that teen employment is not always the solution for them to free themselves of the responsibility to pay for their child's college education. By using the metaphor of delivering newspaper in relation to teens working at McDonalds, the writer claims that there is more to their abilities than just working at some fast food restaurant. He says that when teenagers see themselves earning money and getting hold of their routine as someone who works at McDonalds.
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As the language used in it is very strong but is seems exaggerated as well.
Coming to the point where the article seems contradictory, He has compared teenage employment at fast food restaurants is like distributing newspapers. When I finally grabbed what the writer is trying to say, it makes the reader lose interest in the article in the first place. He has made employment look like a very horrible experience. He has not given the exact number of how many teens may or may not be working in these fast food industries like he has mentioned. There is no authenticity in this when it comes to how he has explained the importance of doing a job.
He has put a lot of emphasis on the importance of education but has not discussed how working opportunities can be helpful to teenagers, Especially when they are at their character building stage. This is one of the contradictions I found in this article. In short, he has said that as the teenager working at McDonald's will never be helpful for you because a learning experience like this one can be never be considered

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