Vending International Argument Analysis

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Vending International starts their article by refuting a common argument. They say, “Many would argue not as companies are now doing far more than just recycling their goods -- they are choosing materials with a lower environmental impact” (2012 p. 1). When “going green” was the new big thing, many companies used it for publicity. These companies made little to no change in the production of goods/services. In their introduction, Vending International refers to these companies, “It's no longer about being seen to be green -- it's about embedding sustainability into every aspect of business” (Vending International, 2012 p. 1). Vending International looks past the advertising to see what concerns companies have acted on, and if the changes have…show more content…
Their article was motivating to reader, pushing them to conserve resources and think about the consequences their actions will have on the environment. Vending International uses a very serious tone through their argument. They do not use any rhetorical devices, they were not writing to entertain but to take a stance. One reason the argument is effective is because the author does not lose touch with the audience or have too high of expectations. Vending International knows that companies nor consumers want to abruptly give up products that they are used to having; “One way that a company can make an internal and external statement that theirs is a company that cares, is by investing in more economically friendly disposables. While giving up disposables altogether would be most favorable for the environment Vending International does not expect any company or consumer to do so. Close to the end of their article Vending International proves that a company can meet high environmental standards while remaining a highly successful company. According to Vending International, “Lavazza high quality solution ¡Tierra! Provides the Lavazza taste that people love, while meeting Rainforest Alliance standards (2012 p. 2). Referring back to Rainforest Alliance ties their argument together, creating a strong and effective ending tying their
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