Critical Analysis: Shape Political Life In Indonesia

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Based on what I have read on the essay, I strongly agree with the statement stated there that culture cannot be separated from political life, especially in Indonesia. Indonesia has a lot of Islands which each province has their own culture. I like the beginning of this paper that describes about anthropology at first. Start from the history of how it emerged at first, and how people know anthropology itself in general. It is such good information. The writer mentioned about seven element of culture by Koentjaraningrat in 1987. However, it would be better if the writer added a footnote on each citation and add it in the bibliography as reference. This is to
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Because the writer wrote many supporters of the first president of Republic Indonesia came from social and economic situation underprivileged. The writer supposed to input relevant data in the paragraph in order to make every single sentence on the paragraph clear. So, we can know where the sentence originated and make people do not underestimate the writer that he is already wrote with his own opinion without any accurate data. But, I am very happy can read this paper because I can get new knowledge about Marhaenism ideology that discussed clearly in the paper. There was a problem that I found which is the writing on the paper often knit with next word without any spaces. This is make me as the reader should press space bar to put space between them. This is only happened only in few sentences. However, although it is only happened in few sentences, this is very unfortunate because it seems like the writer is not professional in writing an essay or paper. The reader might feel the writer is not careful in using his writing skill. My suggestion is the writer have to be more careful in writing paper, so that there will be no negligence or typo things

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