Critical Analysis: The Brothers Grimm

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The Brothers Grimm, Cinderella - Critical Analysis
This dark version of the many original Cinderella stories is by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, better known as the Grimm brothers. Cinderella is about a young girl who sadly loses her mother due to some kind of sickness, her father marries a woman who has two daughters, shortly after her mother’s death. The daughters are referred to as Cinderella’s “false sisters” due to their evil and wicked tactics during the story and also because they are not related to her by blood. Her father gets completely brainwashed by the stepmother and begins to treat his own daughter the same way they do, like a pest. The stepmother and her daughters use Cinderella’s father for his riches and make her
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Her mother truly meant this, during any sort of conflict, Cinderella will do what she is told and be rewarded by awfully dark things happening to her false sisters and her stepmother. Cinderella is unrecognizable when she sneaks into a festival which includes a wedding feast held by the King for his son to find a bride, this festival is supposed to last 3 days long, Cinderella’s stepmom makes her do ridiculous chores that are impossible in order for her to earn permission to go to the event, the pigeons help her make it possible. Cinderella is seen in a beautiful dress with glass slippers, her sisters believed she was some kind of foreign princess when they saw her. The Prince falls for Cinderella when he sees her at the wedding feast but once the Prince decides he wants to see where this beautiful princess lives, Cinderella panics and ends up escaping him 3 separate times within the next two days of the festival, on the last Cinderella left her slipper. The prince made all of the girls try it on, the sisters both cut off parts of their feet in order for the shoes to fit perfectly and be with the prince. Cinderella was, of course, the only one who was…show more content…
Cinderella would continue to live in a home with people who have no heart and do not care for her if it weren’t for what God and nature had done for her. I believe the purpose of the story was to show that once you are at the bottom, you can only go up. Though, Cinderella did have nature and God by her side, she progressed so much throughout the story, I could sense her confidence rising just from reading the story and picturing her character in my head and seeing her develop as the story goes on and as she sees how desperate and manipulative her sisters really are and how she truly is better than them. I believe the theme is good comes to those who are good because no matter how much Cinderella is put down she still does what she is told, she never acts up, says anything rude or maybe even to generalize it a bit more she does not stoop to their level of pettiness and desperateness. Once she does all of these good things, she gets good things granted back to her, good karma. Since this is a story found on a website with no photographs I’d say there were no implicit messages to be found. An example of an explicit message is probably when The
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