Critical And Critical Thinking: The Nature Of Creative And Creative Thinking

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1. The meaning of thinking is the action of using your mind to produce ideas, decisions, and memories. It is a result of a combination of our mind and the brain. You will call it intelligent if you can make this combination in smarter way or someone may call you irrational if you cannot produce good ideas or decisions.

2. However this is an age that everything depends on the peoples’ thoughts and ideas. Ideally researching has increased vastly to make out best and easy the humans daily lives. Although some have researching on ‘thinking’ to evaluate and improve the humans’ thinking capacity.
3. In some countries students develop creative thinking and critical thinking in order to evaluate knowledge and innovations, clarify concepts and ideas, seek possibilities, consider alternatives and solve problems. Critical and creative thinking are integral to activities that require students to think broadly and deeply using skills, behaviors and dispositions such as reason, logic, resourcefulness, imagination and innovation in all learning areas at school, university and in their lives.

4. The Scope of creative and critical thinking, though the two types are interchangeable but also they are strongly linked, Improves and getting far from dimensions of thinking and learning.

5. Critical thinking is at the core of most intellectual activity that involves students in learning to recognize or develop an

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