Critical Appreciation Of If Thou Must Love Me

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3) In the poem of If Thou Must Love Me by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, she states in the first two lines of the poem that she wants unconditional and pure love. Secondly, she wants a love that is not based on external qualities because those qualities will change over time with aging. Browning also believes that love should exist between the souls of the two individual is deeper and more profound than the love based off of appearance. Lastly, the poet also states that love for the sake of sympathy and pity will also not be accepted by her because that is not pure love. Overall, I believe that Browning has an idealistic and romanticized view of love. She believes that love should be pure and not based on any superficial qualities, like personal gain. If this ideal can be achieved, she believes that love can last eternally and remain undeterred by any outside forces.

4) I believe that eternal love is not a common theme in society today as love is becoming more based on appearance and less on the feeling within. Today’s society consists of many multiple marriages in an individual 's life because after his/her husband or wife passes then he/she moves on to another relationship wherein a marriage that is bonded with eternal love the passing of a loved one would not affect the relationship at all because the individual would still love the person even after the passing. On the other hand, however, eternal love can also exist in the present day. One of the most prominent examples
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