Critical Appreciation Of Langston Hughes

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When people think of the Harlem Renaissance they think of music, literature, art, and the ability for African-Americans to be able to showcase their talents. This was a time where such authors like Langston Hughes were able to take their thoughts and portray them in a different light for the world to see. Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri where he lived for a brief period until his parents split and he was forced to live with his grandmother. He lived with her until thirteen when she shipped him back off to his mom in Lincoln, Illinois. Upon graduating high school, he attended Columbia University for one year then decided to travel to Africa and Europe before settling down in Washington D.C. Langston Hughes was not known to target any specific audience, however he was trying to reach a mass audience in a clear and direct way. Through his various works, Langston Hughes touches upon the themes of dignity, American dream, and aspiration to portray to the entire world the true meaning behind the culture of African Americans. Langston Hughes in his various works of poetry and writing has a plethora of themes that span a large audience relating to the African American culture. The first theme focuses on dignity. Many felt that Hughes poetry encompassed the lives, hopes, and fears, that many African Americans faced living in a segregated America. A poem that resembles this idea well is titled “Negro”. Hughes writes, “I am a Negro… Black as the night is black… Black like the

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