Critical Appreciation Of Nizar Qabbani Poetry

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Title of the Proposed Research:
The Problem / Subject Matter:
Visualization is creating mental images in our mind as we read or listen. These mental images are very important aspect to help us in reactivating and realizing impersonation of objects and events that are not happening in front of us.
Reading or listening to poetry creates in our minds different images. Such images definitely a proof of the poet’s creativity and ability to create imagery which in fact touches our feelings and emotions and how he or she can surround such abstract concepts with imagery that create a picture in the reader’s mind. A Different people react differently to poetry. Such comprehension to poetry depends on the audience taste, experience and imaginary, and before that on the poet’s creativity.
In this research the researcher will study a number of poetic works by the great Arabic poet, Nizar Qabbani (21 March 1923 – 30 April 1998). Nizar Qabbani brought changes in Arabic poetry. Qabbani’s poetry is filled with new images that show the woman as she is. In other words he showed the woman in all her details.
Qabbani’s greatest revolution was perhaps writing about women in a way few poets in the region had previously done. “His bold, sensual images invoked the beauty of women, their nude bodies and free sexuality” (Peric Par. 6).
Here, the researcher will focus on the ability of the poet in the
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