Critical Appreciation Of Paradise Lost

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Preface: I would like to note that of all of the works that we have studied, I can feel that this one, more than any of the rest, is one where I have just barely brushed the surface. No, not even that. With the studies done (and I did do the majority, I’d say I did like a solid 80%) I haven’t even brushed the surface; I have just looked at it. Going along with the water analogy, Paradise Lost is an ocean that I looked and, and acknowledged that it is indeed and ocean. I know there are things beneath, and I know with further investigation I could maybe see them, but as of right now I feel completely unjustified to write an essay over this epic poem. Me writing a potentially critical essay over this epic is like someone who lives in the middle of the frozen dessert saying that the ocean stinks of fish and that they hate it. Completely unjustified. I almost feel foolish writing an analytical essay of this poem. But I shall do it anyway, perhaps for nothing more than a record of what I once thought of this text. The study of this epic and granious text, Paradise Lost has been rough. It has been really rough. The language is hard, it is difficult to the point where without guidance it all would seem like gibberish with no rhyme or reason, but just frustration due to the lack of understanding. Thank you for making those lectures, McGee, they really helped me understand this text. (I shall be using personal pronouns because I need to interact with my review of this text. I am

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