Critical Appreciation Of Slyvia Plath

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Slyvia Plath is one of the most important poets of the history of American literature.If you want to understand her poems,you must know her life because she swrites his own life.In other words,her poems are reflection of her life. HER BIOGRAPHY
Slyvia Plath is born in Massachusetts of the U.S state in October 27,1932.Her father is German and her mother is American.Reflections of her childhood can be observed quite distinctly in the mood of the elderly.She lose her father at a young age,therefore she hates her father and she writes her first poem when she is 8 years old.Her mother begins to observe the first traces of the illness during her childhood.Slyvia struggles with bipolar disease throughout his life.She goes to Smith College with a scholarship.And she makes her first suicide attempt while she is continuing his education at the school.Slyvia continues his education at Cmabridge University with scholarship which she wins in subsequent years.Her poems are published in the school 's newspaper whose name is Varsity.She meets with Ted Hughes in the school.He is the love of her life and the famous English pooet and author.Ted is an escape and refuge point for Slyiva.Ted is seen as the best poet at those times.They marry in the year that they met.After their marriage,they start to live in Boston.After Plath is pregnant,they return to the U.K.After the live shortly in London,they move to North Tawton.The couple 's
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