Reflective Account On Social Work

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Introduction: This assignment critically reflects on everyday practice of social work in conjunction with the theories associated with the practise. I chose this course for two important reasons. 1. My aim of undertaking the assessing role is to help me learn and to widen my interest in social work. By enhancing my learning, I will be able to assess and assist the student to gain eclectic knowledge base and the skills required to undertake an assessment with a holistic approach. 2. By undertaking this course, I will be able to apply the skills that are required to supervise, facilitate and to support the student at the placement. I will also be able to progress with my career development and it enhances my interest in continuing my professional…show more content…
As a practice assessor, I will aim to demonstrate these values in practice as well as to generate a sense of duty, discipline, confidence and accountability in the next generation of social workers (COP 2.2.1, 2.4). Planning and preparation: Planning and preparation is vital in social work to provide intervention. It requires a strong understanding of different social work methods, models and an awareness of people feelings, their emotional responses and patterns of interaction. Planning should be prioritized on person-centered approach with clear and achievable goals (short and long term), based upon evidence on an individual’s needs and wishes (NOS 1, P4, P7). I aim to provide the student a comfortable environment within the team to start with, also to provide positive working experience where the student feels supported, secured, being accepted by the team, not to feel isolated and…show more content…
It was also clarified that while on placement the student will be supported by the requirements of Pembrokeshire County Council agency policy, Care Council for Wales (2009), The code of Practice for Social Care Workers, National occupational Standards for Social Work and relevant social work books for guidance. (Unit 2.2.4) The learning agreement was drafted by me and the student with a clear plan setting out our expectations, learning objectives, dates and times when the supervision will be held and professionals details who are involved during the placement. This document may be altered at any stage with the consent of all the parties and will be followed formally within the first week of placement. (Unit 1:1.4) The student has agreed to adhere by the agency policy while on the placement. I critically reflected on the practical working arrangement during the placement, which looked in to the caseload the student can have and the complexity of the work which will be subject to review. We (Practice Assessor and the student) discussed our ethical responsibilities and statutory duties to maintain confidentiality, accountability. We also committed to recording information per statutory data protection and agency data management procedures and protocols as well as to critically reflect on the practice
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