Critical Choice Research: Factors Affecting Career Choice

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Selected topic: Factors affecting career choice 1. Research question What motivates a student to choose one career over the others even though all careers are equally important? 2. Hypothesis All careers are important in the modern day society, but an individual’s decision to pursue a particular career is often molded by several factors. However, what factors mold the students’ decisions to pursue some careers over others? Null hypothesis Students have autonomy over the careers they choose, and hence there are no factors that influence the decisions they make. 3. The number of participants that I would like to use For this research, I would like to use a sample of about 500 students out of a population size of about 100,000 students. Essentially, the use of such a large sample size will help ensure that their answers truly reflect the target population since the larger my sample size, the smaller my confidence interval will be. Therefore, this approach will result in a relatively smaller margin of error for my results. Inclusion & Exclusion characteristics Defining inclusion and exclusion criteria basically serves the purpose of increasing the likelihood of the research yielding reliable and reproducible results, as well as it minimizes probability of harm to the subjects (Pozgar, G. D., MBA, C., & Pozgar, 2012). Inclusion criteria The participants in this research will have to exhibit the following characteristics in order to take part in the study.  Be between the

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