Summary Of Arthur Blair's Animal Farm

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Animal Farm is a novel written by Eric Arthur Blair, who was born 1903 – 1950in Motlhari, India. Blair wrote the novel Animal Farm under the alias of George Orwell, who gave his life experience of colonial Burma, the Spanish Civil War and the plight of the unemployed coal miners in England to expose and critique the human tendency to oppress others politically, economically and physically through the writings of this novel. The story began on the Manor Farm in England, whereby Old Major a pig called all the animals on the farm to a secret meeting to share his dream which is to form a rebellion against Mr. Jones and the humans. Three days after hosting his meeting Old Major died. The word of wisdom that was left by him was taken up by the pigs…show more content…
Jones was distraught after losing a lawsuit. In dealing with his situation he turned to the bottle intoxicating himself forgetting that he did not feed the animals. As a result of this the broke into the shed where the food was stored, when Mr. Jones realised what was taking place he and his men rushed out to the shed and began whipping the animals. The animals cold no longer endure such harsh treatment and retaliated against the farm and run them off the farm. It was finally a time of rejoicing for the animals as they were now free from the reigns of humans. The animals destroyed and all forms of instrument that was present that was used to suppress them. After such a great event the animals was given extra ration, the seven commandments was developed and later summarized to a simple phrase of “Four legs good, two legs bad”. Snowball and Napoleon took charge of the operations of the farm till the habitual disagreements with each other. The power fight between Snowball and Napoleon eventually led to Snowball being expelled. Napoleon was now was in charge along with his fierce dogs and Squealer at his side. Squealer had to do all in his power to convince that animals that Napoleon was looking out for their best
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