Ethics And Bioethics In Nursing

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2.0 Critical evaluation: 2. 1-Ethics and bioethics: 2.1.1Personal life: In certain sense every medical procedure is experimental. Administering and antibiotic for example to see if it will lower a fever or doing a barium X-Ray to determine the condition of the stomach or intestines is experimental because the outcome is not absolutely certain. All the same, most commonly used procedures have been well tested and established so we can be fairly certain of their results. They are therapeutic rather than experimental even though there is always the possibility that they will not work on this particular case or will be harmful to this particular patient. There are many examples throughout history of human research subjects being treated unethically,…show more content…
Information ethics are the rules that define right and wrong behavior in the computing professions. They are the basis for trust and cooperation among workers and organizations. For this reason, and because of some much-publicized ethics problems in the computer field, ethical computing has gotten a lot of attention lately. This means that now more than ever all people who use a computer, including myself, need to know what 's expected of us as nurses. With the modern technology it is easy to violet ethics. 3.3Ethics in health care 3.3.1Personal life: As a profession nurse, I see ethics as a tool in rendering nursing care, for any professional nurse should observe ethics in anything which he/she does to set him/her free from court charges There is an intimacy nurses and patients share which is understood. The essence of nursing is an unconditional love for mankind. To be called a nurse is an honor – a profession of the highest realm, it is called so because of nurses observing different ethics, without it would have changed to other name to something else. 3.3.2Social…show more content…
The study of principles of ethics equips nurses with core values in nursing which serve as a foundation of nursing practice. Goodness or rightness, justice or fairness, truth telling or honesty and freedom or autonomy. However, the application of these principles during care in a specific situations is often problematic since there may be disagreement on what the right way to act in a specific situation. The only way is to ensure that you have consent in everything you do for the patient. Nurses of all cadres without the application of ethical principles we would be in very big problem because they act as a guide to what we

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