Critical Human Factors In Healthcare

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People seek for quality medical services from health institutions with the hope that their health conditions will improve after getting attended to. Therefore, most of the health centers put in place rules and regulations to its human resource to ensure that their clients receive the desired quality health. Unfortunately, some of these conditions deter the realization of the initially intended purpose. For the purpose of quality health production, this article implements an analysis of how the critical human factors can affect the quality of work and safety of health services provided by individual organizations and by the entire system as a whole.
In further details and description, it will give two examples, 1. The different types of roles
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Physicians should ensure that their patients receive appropriate medical care backed up by the most modern medical evidence rather than an ‘over the counter’ or personal theories and experiences. It is a common feature today for hospitals to have not only ownership, but also ability to use some of the modern and sophisticated medical equipment for medical practice. These modern gadgets ensures that patient receive quality medical service which is based on the most recent and reliable data. Strokes, heart attacks and hip displacements are examples of modern medical services that the patients can receive as a duty of the health…show more content…
A recent review of medical reports conducted by nurses when asked to highlight the factors that contribute errors on patient care, they named intimidation. They added that this intimidation arose from not only the authorities but also from some patients too. Majority of them reported getting pressured into allowing medication which they doubted the safety but intimidations prevented them from effectively communicating their

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