Critical Importance Of Biodiversity

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Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth and the essential interdependence of all living things . The diversity is important for evolution, and for maintaining the life-sustaining systems of the biosphere. The conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity are of critical importance to meet the food, health and other needs of the growing world population. The world needs to conserve biological diversity and make sustainable use of its components in a fair and equitable way. Sustainable use means use in a way and at a rate that does not lead to the long-term decline of biological diversity. This will maintain its potential to meet the needs and aspirations of present and future generations. The uses include those of genetic…show more content…
Biological resources feed and clothe us, and provide housing, medicines and spiritual nourishment. Those resources are found in natural ecosystems of forests, savannahs, pastures and rangelands, deserts, rivers, lakes and seas. They are also in farm fields, gardens, gene banks, botanical gardens and zoos.
• It is important for evolution, maintaining life sustaining system of biosphere.
• To meet basic need of the growing world population
• Maintaining Ecosystem
• Provides raw materials for a diverse medicinal & health care system
• Genetic base for up-gradation of agriculture, fisheries, in scientific, industrial & other sectors.
The three main goals of CBD are-The conservation of biological diversity, the sustainableuse of its components and the fair and equitable sharingof the benefits arising out of the utilization of genetic resources. Biodiversity is a common concern of humankind andan integral part of the development process. The main features of CBD States have sovereign right over their biological resources.
• States are responsible for conservation and sustainable use of biological
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Resist attempts to reduce flexibility in deficiency sui-generis system. I chose this topic as biodiversity is being exploited & very few steps are taken to preserve. Attempts must be taken to promote sustainable use & development.
The conservation of biodiversity is a common concern of humankind. The CBD covers biodiversity at all levels: Ecosystems, species and genetic resources. It also covers biotechnology through the Cartagena Protocol on Bio safety. In fact, it covers all possible domains that are directly or indirectly related to biodiversity and its role in development, ranging from science, politics and education to agriculture, business, culture and much more. The governing body of the CBD is the Conference of the Parties (COP). This ultimate authority of all governments (or Parties) that have ratified the treaty meets every two years to review progress, set priorities and commit to work plans. In 2010, Parties to the CBD adopted the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011–2020, a ten-year framework for action by all countries and stakeholders to safeguard biodiversity and the benefits it provides to

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