Critical Importance Of Social Media

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Section 1. Presentation of the Idea The concept that I am interested in is the idea of the social media and their impact on the behaviors of people. As a phenomenon that has established recently through the development of Internet technologies, the social media have managed to attract the attention of a large audience with the various aspects of the activities being researched. In most cases, the social media are studied in terms of its effects on people as well as the benefits and the negative outcomes that they cause. At the same time, many people become concerned about the security and safety of the data that appear in the social media as well as about the influence that such media have on teens as the most subjected to outside influences…show more content…
Section 2. The Critical Importance of the Idea One of the most vulnerable groups subjected to the influence of the social media are the teens, and many parents tend to express worries about their children’s activities. According to the McAfee study, “70 percent of teens hide what they access online from their parents” ("Online Teen Behavior"). While the Internet provides a wide range of choices for children, both positive and negative, it is essential to help the teens form correct social media behavior and attitude. Parents should also use the options of stricter control in the issues that concern the use of the new media in order to secure the teens from negative impacts. There are also numerous concerns regarding the privacy that is becoming impossible through the social media. One of…show more content…
For example, in the current situation, the social media can be used as the means of crime committing as well as the tool of establishing justice. For example, the integration of the modern media with the trial system, as in the case of “remote trial system, the use of video conferencing and extension of signing electronic documents”, is said to have a positive impact on the society (Two Bills On Protection). Respectively, the social media can be used on behalf of the society. It might also be useful to learn the extent to which social media represent the correct picture of the world, and how the connection between the virtual and the real can be

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