The Importance Of Reflection In Professional Practice

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Assignment Part 1
Critically discuss the concept of reflection and indicate why reflection is important for your area of professional practice. Using a model of reflection reflect on a critical incident in your area of practice and provide a rationale for using the selected model.
Part 1 In this part of the assignment students will critically discuss: their understanding of the concept of reflection• why reflection is important for professional practice• why the chosen model is suitable for analysing their critical incident• the anticipated learning from the process of reflection• Include relevant references from the literature in your assignment using the Harvard referencing system outlined in the Assignment Preparation and Submission
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Eg; students writing about what they have learnt.
Level 2- Reflection on the relationship between principles and practice. Eg; student links the theory to practice & use her knowledge to similar situations, and
Level 3- Relection of an action with political and ethical concerns eg; reflection on resource
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It also was cited by him as Newell (1992) pointed out that reflection is a cornerstone of the nursing profession. Like many other health care professionals nurses engage in lifelong learning. Reflection helps nurses to be autonomous, qualified, and self directed professionals to move forward with a vision. I strongly believe that engaging in reflective practice is associated with development of situational learning, patient centred care, and the transformation of care to a new level.
Literatures declared that by engaging in reflective practice nurses can improve the quality of care (Greenwood 1993), stimulate personal growth (Smyth 1992) enhance professional growth (van Manen 1977), close the gap between theory and practice (Conway 1994) and gain insight and improve practice in the future (Schon 1987). It was cited by cotton (2001) that the promotion of critical thinking (Hahnemann 1986), and better self-awareness and understanding (Scanlan & Chernomas 1997) occurs through
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