Critical Incident In Nursing

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Assignment Part 1 Critically discuss the concept of reflection and indicate why reflection is important for your area of professional practice. Using a model of reflection reflect on a critical incident in your area of practice and provide a rationale for using the selected model. Part 1 In this part of the assignment students will critically discuss: their understanding of the concept of reflection• why reflection is important for professional practice• why the chosen model is suitable for analysing their critical incident• the anticipated learning from the process of reflection• Include relevant references from the literature in your assignment using the Harvard referencing system outlined in the Assignment Preparation and Submission…show more content…
Its variation is because of the knowledge nurses have in dealing with patients needs, the accountability they hold on their action, their professional relationship with patients and the clinical judgement they make in relation to patient care. Kim (1999) acknowledged that nursing is a practice based profession and has a rich source of knowledge. In a practice profession like this the practitioners engage in creating and modifying knowledge in reaction to every specific clinical situation. Nurses gain their knowledge mainly in two different ways • First we nurses acquire knowledge, skills and emotions in training and will practice that in the immediate or relevant setting. • The second form is by direct participation in a situation or an event within the workplace. This type of learning occurs every day and we all learn from it. The clinical experience of every nurse is different from others. We watch, hear and learn from others the way in which they cared for people in different situations that we may not have experienced. We subconsciously reflect on our actions, plan for the future and try to evaluate the ways in which we could do things differently. What is reflection/reflective practice? Scholars mentioned that the concept of reflective practice includes three areas. • Experience of a…show more content…
This model proposes three straight forward questions to be asked on the event we would like to reflect on. They are what? So what? And now what? Literature deems that this model is the first step of a reflective model. Jasper (2003) advised that this can be used by novice and student nurses. As I am a novice in reflective writing I chose this method as a framework. The question ‘what’ describes the critical event - the problem, what happened, how it happened and my role in the event. ‘So what’ is the analysis of the problem. This explains what was important about that experience, and what I have learnt from the experience. The synthesis aspect of this model is the third question ‘now what’. Here I will know what might be the consequences of the action, what I need to know and what else could have been done to resolve the problem. My reflection on a critical event For the purpose of the assignment I will be discussing only the first step of Borton’s Model of reflection in this

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