Critical Interpretation Of Frankenstein

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Interpretation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Critical Readings in Literature o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Margarete Rubik Matthias Mittendorfer Matr. No 1301135 BA A033612 SS 2015 Characterization In Frankenstein, three main characters can be discerned, Frankenstein, the monster, and Robert Walton, Frankenstein’s friend. The following three subchapters will analyse them more closely. Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein grew up in Geneva. His parents wanted him to study in Germany, which eventually decided his fate. He can generally be considered an autodiegetic narrator (he is the protagonist of the story he tells) and a round, dynamic character. The reader gets to know Frankenstein as someone…show more content…
He designed it larger and stronger than himself. Due to its fearsome appearance, the monster cannot find its part in society, as it is constantly being ostracized. The monster can also be considered round and dynamic. Through its part in the novel, the reader gets to know it as a benevolent, kind-hearted being. At one point, it reflects how it saved a girl from drowning (Shelley, 142-143): “[…] [H]er foot slipt, and she fell into the rapid stream. I […] saved her, and dragged her to shore (Shelley, 142-143)”. However, as the monster is constantly denied acceptance, it turns towards violence and revenge. It is neither good, not entirely evil, but it is being corrupted by society in the course of the novel. The monster can also be considered dynamic. It comes to life as a being without any knowledge of language and culture, but driven by its enormous thirst for acceptance, it manages to acquire both. Furthermore, the monster functions as a foil character to Frankenstein. It is constantly longing for a friend, but unable to find one. Frankenstein seems to be well integrated into society. However, he abandons his fellow human being out of free will, setting out to first create and then kill the creature. Thus both characters are outside society; Frankenstein because of his secret, which he is unable to disclose and the monster because it is shunned by society. In this way, a similarity between those two characters can be
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