Critical Issue In Multimedia

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TMA: What I Believe is the Most Critical Issue in Multimedia and Informatization.
The most critical issue in multimedia is the difficulty in achieving chock-full Informatization and to ease the gap between information-rich from information-poor in the Global South. One known and noticeable factor could be is how poor the internet connection particularly here in the Philippines.
We identify the said influence to be critical as this upset the complex structure of Informatization in which information is the basis of its conception yet being fraught by commercial issues such as poor quality broadband services. The said dilemma has been a never-ending unhealthy paradigm the business sectors created sadly towards the consumers. The painful episodes
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Probably because of the expertise they possess- a proper benchmark in executing information. On a daily basis, as mentioned from my previous blogs, information is indispensable in dealing with political, social, cultural and economic disputes. The more we gain information the lesser ignorance. The more information we receive the tendency to desire for more information to be used in honing skills and abilities as far as global competencies is concern. Yet again, if the chief problem is the inability to access or losing total access to information then the risk of information-poor will surge. Sadly, right at this moment we do not see any agenda from the government that may help resolve these issues. This is again a critical part due to amoral damage may cause to all- may it be consumers, small business sectors and even government itself. It is true that the concept of Informatization is to bring social participation to public interest. It is also true that Multimedia is the core product of Informatization to convert a geographical are into an information labor force. Still, Philippines is at one third of its timetable, miles away from the finish line or so called complete…show more content…
If there’s only an elusive open market for free service distribution without being sewed up then we can freely choose a better service provider and so we can ultimately enjoy the liberty to grip our key objective- Informatization. Since, we are not expecting the total eradication of information divide from information-rich to information-poor but at least we will be able to reduce the gap between them. In a concrete manner, the society should recognize the unprincipled value of Informatization and Multimedia from which we are not obliged to choose between information-rich or information-poor; but as much as possible support same principle- and that is- work under same function by accomplishing social participation. There should not be skeptical opinions here nonetheless we just ensure the equal chance to receive same amount of information over quality broadband service, so to
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