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1.1 INTORDUCTION Translation teaching is a problematic issue, not for our schools, in our region, but all over the world. Translation used as a tool of learning or to improving the skills of some disciplines such as a foreign language teaching, grammar, and rhetoric. The historical review will call us to remember the famous Greek orators such as Cicero. Cicero considered translation as a method of effective speeches in the rhetoric area. It is clear that the translation teaching is a non discrete discipline up to the 1950s of the last century. Translation teaching can be handled as a discipline rather than the linguistic discipline. The French Scholar Pergnier (1993:19) recognizes that there are many dissenting voices that want to free translation…show more content…
In fact, there are many factors that might affect this action and should be blended with the methods of humanistic, social constructivists, and psychological as well as critical thinking skills. Translation teaching process faces many critical issues; they are negatively affecting the teaching process which is neglected to serve other disciplines, such as grammar-translation method and translation communicative method. The humanistic pedagogy focuses on three goals “cultural excellence, autonomy and critical thinking skills, and authentic personality” (Aloni, 2002:85); these priorities are demanded to establish a methodological perspective realizing its goal. It is well-known that a methodology is a strategy, techniques, and procedures of experimentation of specific field; the context and the subject matter are the determinators of any learning process according to Gagne(1965:58-59) and Brown (1987:89). thus the translation teachers enhance their teaching if part of the theoretical foundation of their pedagogy is informed by the humanistic perspectives; another important thing to be focused on is that the term culture has been variously used in ancient Athens with different meaning. Cultural excellences point for any endeavor that is toned with human development. These pinpoints may encompass all issues that hinder the pedagogy of

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