Critical Literacy Reflection

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So far, this Drama and Critical Literacy Class has definitely been one of the most nerve racking thus far! Since I had never been involved with any speech or drama in high school or college, I was anxious to find out what the expectations of the class would be. When we found out we would be responsible for writing a monologue and performing it, I was petrified! I had to think about what drama really meant to me and what direction I was going to take with my assignment that would be fitting in my classroom. Typically, when you hear the word drama, a person can come up with many definitions for it. Many people may think of it as the ups and downs and craziness of everyday life. Until this class, that was my main definition. It made me…show more content…
Just by watching the members of my cohort during my presentation made me feel like they were intrigued, I can only imagine what my students will think when I am up in front of them performing. After realizing how powerful this monologue is, I have found that this type of methodology would be a success for all students. I plan to use role play for my classroom rules at the start of the school year and hope to see an improvement in behaviors by doing so. Augusto Boal said it well, “The first word of the theatrical vocabulary is the human body, the main source of sound and movement. Therefore, to control the means of the theatrical production, man must, first of all, control his own body, know his own body, in order to be capable of making it more expressive.” Without a body, a person cannot do much. Knowing what you are capable of doing and putting your mind to it can simply be amazing. When I found out about our assignment, I truly really doubted myself. By the time I performed I felt better about it and had the reassurance from most of my cohort. It just proves that adding a little “art” to your life can make life long memories! Hopefully the art enhancements that I will be putting into my curriculum will improve my students learning and the information they retain. I know it helps
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