Critical Race Theory Summary

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Delgado, Richard and Jean Stefancic. Critical Race Theory : An Introduction. NYU Press, 2001. Critical America. EBSCOhost Critical Race Theory: An Introduction, by Richard Delgado give an in-depth description of the Critical Race Theory. The Critical Race Theory has its basis in movements such as the civil rights, gender equality movements and the law. (3) The books also explore the history of racial theories and phenomenon that have affect our society for years. (27) In the end Delgado gives his perspective of the Critical Race Theory today and how he thinks it will continue to be shaped in the future. (101- 135) This book gives a very detailed description of the CRT. Not only does it define it but it goes in depth to help the reader understand the history, origins and practices of the theory. It also goes to explain theories further than just CRT in order to make sure that the reader fully understands everything the theory is and those who use it stand for. It also not only tells what the theory is but details how it is used in law and real life by giving examples and accounts from theorists. Overall, I think that this was a very helpful source. When I was searching for books/articles that supported my concept, it was really hard to find ones that clearly defined what the Critical Race Theory is. A lot of sources just talked about it, assuming that the reader already knew what it was. The only thing I did not like about this source is that the definition of what
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