Critical Reflection

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Throughout this semester, I read three books for my English class; James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, and Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis. Each novel varied in topics and genre, but all three were unified by having protagonists who were in the process of questioning their identity based on societal values and their relationship to others. After reading these three novels, I then read several papers analyzing each novel in depth. Each article provided me with some new insight of each piece of literature examined in the articles. Following my research, I now write my own paper to provide my own critical analysis of the arguments presented in a few of the papers I have read. Upon the completion of my initial research, I started to write a paper which I chose to direct towards university undergraduates. I decided that university undergraduates would be the best audience, because they are the most likely to read these three novels and be required to interpret them, therefore benefitting the most from my research. While making decisions about the research process, I was not guided by any particular perspectives and I instead chose not to limit my research by looking at all different topics and stances. However, I did limit myself to the mediums I used in my assignment. Aside from the novels themselves, I chose to only include scholarly articles accessible from the Memorial University Database.
Nancy Sanchez’s research on Giovanni’s room examines
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