Critical Reflection In Social Work

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As part of my developmental learning for final year of social work is my emerging practice framework. A practice framework is designed as a tool for practitioners (Connolly, 2006). It is a statement about how I will practice as an emerging social worker. This semester I will work on this document throughout my final placement. This critical reflection on practice will identify and critically analyse the building blocks of my emerging practice framework, as evidenced through my own practice. It will document and analyse my engagement of social work practice from my placement experience. I am doing my placement at The Park centre for mental health - extended forensic treatment rehabilitation unit (EFTRU). This critical reflection focuses on when we took a consumer to visit an aged care facility. The process included of…show more content…
This is not to say that I feel negative towards working with older people and placing them in a nursing home. But personal values and beliefs I hold in placing older persons in nursing homes, as this is not common in my culture. This was all a very new experience for me in discovering what it would be like working with older people. I feel as though I could have been more involved at the visit but I was hesitant and was holding back. I could have done this by talking more and not walking behind everyone else. My use of self would also intertwine with this in being involved at the visit. Apart from that my use of self in other aspects was not bad. In conclusion, reflecting back on this experience I learnt and developed a greater understanding of the situation. As a social work student this gave me the opportunity to learn, think and reflect about this process. It made me think about my own beliefs and prejudices. I think having attended this aged care visit allowed me to experience and gain understanding of the role of the social
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