Haydn Omens Of Spring-Music Analysis

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Critical Comments-what did you hear and why or why not did you enjoy it, instruments, tempo, style, expression, time period, etc.

There is so much variation in this piece. The dynamics of the sudden crescendos and decrescendos. The pieces gives me sense of dramatic story telling. I like the call and response that is played in the section of the music. The music flows well, especially in there the transitional sections when the tempo slows down.
There is a resounding theme that is always referenced too.
I love this piece by Haydn. The first time I heard it, it indeed gave me a surprise. It is very simple in terms of the melody throughout the piece, but the dynamics of the piece is a progressive build up in the piece. The use of the different
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The scripting is not very clear, a lot of creative language root for interpretation. Not one of my…show more content…
I like the flutes addition to the piece. It creates the mood of the piece.
Stravinsky- le Sacre du Printemps, Part 1, Introduction, Omens of Spring- Dances of the youths and Maidens, Ritual of Abduction. The piece gives a feeling of mystery and being puzzled. There is also a sense of panic in the middle of the piece. The different sections contribute to the overall mood in the music.
Schoenberg- pierrot lunaire, “ Mondestruken” I do not like this opera in opinion is evokes a sense of worry and turmoil. The musical accompaniment suppose the overall mood that is being projection. The use of shapes and flats embodies the interned mood.
Schoenberg-A survivor form warsaw, Op 46 This piece translates sound in to visual interpretation. The story telling of the vocalist correlated with the music. I like the concept of the musical interaction with the story.
Webern- Five pieces for Orchestra, Op. 10 3: Very Slow And Extremely Calm There is the use of flats in this piece it makes it sound unpleasant to me. It give off a sense of suspense and anticipation. The way that to harp is being played creates the mood of the
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