Critical Reflection Of The Music Of Music By Haydn

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Critical Comments-what did you hear and why or why not did you enjoy it, instruments, tempo, style, expression, time period, etc.

There is so much variation in this piece. The dynamics of the sudden crescendos and decrescendos. The pieces gives me sense of dramatic story telling. I like the call and response that is played in the section of the music. The music flows well, especially in there the transitional sections when the tempo slows down.
There is a resounding theme that is always referenced too.
I love this piece by Haydn. The first time I heard it, it indeed gave me a surprise. It is very simple in terms of the melody throughout the piece, but the dynamics of the piece is a progressive build up in the piece. The use of the different instruments plays true to the desired emphasis.
When I hear this piece of music it somehow makes me think of dancing at a Grande ball. I get a sense that it’s for entertainment. The piece of music builds anticipation for me, the running up the scales then descending there going up the scales reaching higher then descending once more.
This piece is quite fast and lively mostly through with sections of decrease in the speed. The theme is always replayed with variation. I am not that fawned of it. It is too fast and busy for me.
In this piece the orchestral accompaniment is being led by the vocals. Word painting is very much present. At some point of the piece it feels like a fight between the two men is transpiring for a lady. I may be

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