Critical Reflection On Professional Growth

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Part 3: Critical Reflection on Professional Growth Reflective Paper Throughout the first five Modules I have completed many learning styles analyses. I have now realized that one of the major steps to become a peak performer is self-assessment. The Social Change Self-Assessment and The Professional Practitioner Self-Assessment have helped me to evaluate myself critically (See Appendix F & G). According to professional practitioner self-assessment and social change self-assessment (Appendix F & G), it has been obvious that I have adequate skills to be an effective professional practitioner as I am excellent many areas. While completing these assessments, I thought of my characteristics and skills and used some evidence from my everyday interactions. Taking these assessments for the first time in Module 1 was when I thought about my strengths and areas that need to be improved in the context of trying to be a better and effective professional practitioner for social change. As I reflected on each skill I noticed that many of these skills are also essential to be an effective teacher. This exercise has made me realize that being an effective professional practitioner for social change is a key role for a teacher(Anderson et al.,2009), and that I had been a professional practitioner for social change in my role as class teacher and subject leader in my school for many years, but at first I had been unaware of the theory behind the practice. The exercise shows that my main
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