Critical Reflection

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Critical Reflection 1

Welbourne and Sariol (2017) mentioned different types of incivility within workplace, and they are judgments, ignoring coworkers, inconsistent working hours, taking longer break, interpersonal conflicts, heavy workload, and stressful work experience (pp. 194-195). Currently, I am working as a lead teacher in a toddler classroom, however I am having a hard time to work with a co-teacher. Some of the primary examples of incivility that impact my ability to fulfill the duties of my role in the workplace are I have different teaching style with my co-teacher. For example, I let the children to take lead in their own learning. For instance, at the circle time I urge children to join in the music and movement. When I notice they don’t participate actively, I respect their choices and encourage them work on other activities. However, my co-teacher doesn’t like it, she told me that children need to learn to join the circle time and be familiar with the classroom routine. The other example of incivility in my workplace is my co-teacher likes to take longer break. For example, we are encouraged to take fifteen minutes break, however she always takes more than twenty minutes. I usually wait until she come back from her break, then I can start to do circle time or group activities. When she is on her break, some of my child want to go the restroom. Therefore, it is really hard for me to take for four children to the restroom that is located in a preschool’s

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