Critical Reflection: The Importance Of Group Dynamics

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Introduction Before I joined this class I have less idea about the group dynamic what is means, and what will do. In general, I was think group dynamics is interesting and will improve our self and it is important of future. Know after I finish this subject , the group dynamics was actually interesting subject . It helps me to improve myself to be better because every member want to work together to achieve for our goals. So I know there are many skills that must everyone have it. For example, communication skill, teamwork, organization, motivation and listening skills confidence. Processes that occur between group members cells group dynamics. According to Wilhelm Wundt (1832–1920) ‘’As a field of study, group dynamics has roots in both psychology and sociology “. The group is two or more people who have come together to achieve particular goals. Another definition, a number of people that work together or share certain beliefs. There are many ways that we can share the information, experience to your colleague . For example , we can do role play ,games and do small lecture . I prefer role play because I think it is easy to give the our ideas for class meat so they can focus to understand the concept and will cooperate with ours . In the first class of these subject It was kind of exciting and interesting and the teacher explained…show more content…
The most topic I like it is listening . In fact , the listening is important skills that can improve our self and to be successful in our life . There are many benefits of effective listening. Listening contributes of case analysis and strategy . Also helps to avoid nasty surprises later . Furthermore, listening can be a way of letting others do the work . Moreover , it will generates more work in future (in a good way ) .Also the nurse need to have good active listening to understand and can helps the patient to be better

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