Placelessness In Architecture

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The world today is engulfed in change and development as a result of evolution. This would be considered a warning and a reason to reserve our culture and tradition that is slowly dying out. This has however becomes difficult especially in the 19th and 20th centuries because of the massive advancement in movement and communication. As a result culture have been mixed, adapted and transferred to different people of different origins and locations. This is not morally wrong in the setup of traditions but, it creates placelessness for certain qualities of specific cultures like lifestyle, architecture and beliefs to mention a few. Architecture, which is our aim of focus, is specific to different cultures and traditions. The success of having architecture…show more content…
This is architecture that does not have the identifiable sense of place or character that makes it individually distinctive (Relph, 1976). Sense of place being people’s genuine experience and identity with place. This experience is a set of meanings and attachments implanted deep into ones conscious. The meanings can either be unconscious or deliberate depending on an individual or a group of individuals therefore they can be shared. This is achieved through intervention and representation of foreign design. Whether or not we have actually been to the places there is an attachment through our day to day literature, films, advertising and other forms of…show more content…
The current cities have streets full of fast food places, fancy restaurants, cinemas and amusement parks, which are considered inauthentic but are part of the conditions in which we lead our lives today. These buildings can be compared to the battle and sports arenas, arts theatres and the castles of the earlier times where people created most of their memorable moments in life. The change in the mass of daily activities does justify the shift in the place attachment that people of today have. The place attachment becomes very different from the traditional concept of place as a location of meaningful attachment. It is in order to ask if we can we retain any sense of place and its particularities as all this change is taking place. The modern communities are set against fragmentation and disruption since they comprise of various people who differ in race, culture, religion and

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