Critical Review: A Literature Review On Consumer Behavior

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Literature Review
The following literature review will critically analyze the theories associated with the research topic. Firstly, it looks at the issues of consumer behavior; hence it highlights the factors, which influence the consumer decision-making process, predominantly the consumer attitudes. The author has found a variety of academic articles, some of which focus on food industry and public trust in food safety. Other articles examine more generally models of consumer attitude formation, which might be useful applied to the research question in this topic.
Therefore the following theories from consumer behavior and marketing have been outlined:
• Consumer decision-making process
• Consumer attitude
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Reflecting desired end states or ways of living, values might in part represent some of the fundamental motives that drive and direct the consumer behavior. Homer and Kahle 1988, cited by Goldsmith, Freiden and Henderson (1997) suggest that the influence of values may not be limited just to high- involvement areas, but may also be relevant to less involving product fields such as…show more content…
Baltas (2001), acknowledge that the nature of fast food production and processing is becoming more important to consumer.
Mohr et al. (2002) recognize that information regarding firm’s ethical behavior is thought to influence product sales and consumers’ overall image of a company.
Mohsin, (2003).While it is generally accepted that a positive relationship exists between service quality and customer satisfaction, there is debate with proposals of a causal link from customer satisfaction to service quality, service quality to customer satisfaction
Verbeke (2005), who examined the influences on consumer decision-making process towards fresh meat, the hierarchy of effects indicates the different mental stages that consumer must go through when making buying decision and responding to marketing or non-commercial messages. In our instance, where the attitude object is fast food, plus taking into account that fast food is considered to be low involvement product, the low involvement hierarchy of effects would

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