Critical Review Of Adolescent Attitudes Towards Violence

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This chapter reviews relevant literature in the areas of Adolescents attitudes towards violence such as bullying behavior, parental monitoring and adolescent attitudes to violent behavior, gender and adolescent violent behaviors, age, peer influences and adolescent attitudes towards violence. Others include critique of literature, summary of literature and Hypotheses statement.
2.1 Adolescent’s and Attitudes towards Violence (Bullying Behavior)
Adolescent negative attitudes such as bullying has since been regarded as a global behavioural problem that occurs in schools. Indeed, the facts of bullying behaviour has increasingly become a great problem worldwide that demands the attention of all interested party in the educational system. This circumstances appears to have reached a stage where it can be said that almost every student has been bullied or involved in bullying at one time or another during their educational pursuit or career. ‘Researchers in their different studies have observed that bullying is a regular occurring behaviour problem that is present in almost every school’ (Rigby, 2007; Neto, 2005; Olweus, 1993; Limber & Nation,
‘Bullying is a distinct form of aggression characterized by a repeated and systematic abuse of power’ (Olweus, 1999; Rigby, 2003). ‘Bullying occurs when one or more students seek to have power over another student through the use of verbal, physical or emotional

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