Critical Social Theory Essay

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The rise of these following factors: critical social theory, feminism and postmodernism have a significance impact on the world. To understand their impact, it is essential to appreciate that critical social theory differs from critical thinking. This term paper aims at discussing how these three factors critical social theory, feminism and postmodernism make an impact on the modern world. It also analyses how critical social theory, feminism and postmodernism can be potential applicants to Professional nursing practice. A society that is embedded in critical social theory is one that doesn’t view any given society as a well-functioning organism. This view is rapidly creeping into people’s lives and made them decide who is eligible for medical…show more content…
Postmodern thinking has helped in the clarification of current medical uncertainties. It has made medical practitioners be sceptical about what truth is and what should count as Knowledge (Priebe,2006).This has inspired many doctors and dentist to do thorough research on how to cure, prevent diseases such as HIV&AIDS which has no cure and enable one to live healthy. It has also led to the exploration of how the body is constructed through a discourse and its changes in medical…show more content…
Majority of patients grappling with incurable diseases such as cancer and Hiv & Aids tend to lose hope once they receive these medical reports from doctors. Through postmodernism, nurses are able to help these patients by counselling them. Through counselling, the patient is informed on the dos and don’ts. This helps the person to sacrifice some of the things that they treasure an example is if the patient is a meat lover, they will have to forego eating it. This results in a quick recovery of their patients (Reed,
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