Critical Sociological Approach

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After several rounds and a night or two studying- I am ready to approach the sociologists head on. One chapter and 36 pages later I 've decided to take a critical approach to resolve this argument... I would definitely act as the mediator in this situation- understanding that neither sociologist has contributed the most to society or as equally. Each contributed different ideas, concepts, perspectives, approaches and meaning to the scientific study of society. Not only is the modern understanding of soiciology built on the ideas of these somewhat "philosophers" of the science- but each coined unique and categorised methods in explaining the world around us. Comte for example was the first philosopher of sociology- but definitely not the last.…show more content…
He believed in regulating and reforming society- understanding that what may appear as the result of the psychology of an individual was in fact a result of the social representation. With a set of "social facts," he uncovered the truth behind material and non-material bonds. As the definition of social science grew wider- Marx replaced Comte as the "true father" of modern sociology. Marx 's understanding of the class system was imperitive to the development of the social science. He understood an economic model for the base of his theoretical work. This further devloped the types of societies (whether it be primitive communist or a capitalist society)- and how individual classes formed a social relationship. Weber on the other hand argued the study of social action. He combined a lengthy effort of disciplines and aspects in a methodlogical approach that underpinned an interpretive view of sociology. He understood what needed to make social science meaningful- starting with the individual experience and devloping ideas onto what would later become an undrestanding of the system of modernity. But why narrow down the contribution to sociology to just four
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