Critical Study Of Maruma In Huma Larauma

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CRITICAL STUDY OF RUMA IN JHUMPA LAHARI’S UNACCUSTOMED EARTH A second generation diaspora Ruma , the main protagonist is married to Adam, an American. Ruma is an example of upward mobility. Well-educated, hardworking, she becomes a lawyer in New York. Her successful professional life is accompanied by equally thriving family life: an American husband,a 3-year-old son, Akash, another pregnancy and a new house on the west coast, in Seattle, where the family moves after Ruma’s husband receives another job. Suddenly, the pursuit of her American Dream comes to an abrupt halt, she resigns from most of the things she has achieved so far: her professional career and independence. She decides to take care solely of the family and household, but this does not bring her happiness: “Growing up, her mother’s example – moving to a foreign place for the sake of marriage, caring exclusively for children and a household – had served as a warning, a path to avoid. Yet this was Ruma’s life now”. This tale revolves around the visit of Ruma’s widowed father, a retired old Indian American She is familiar with the Western culture where people are more independent without loosing the Indianness in her thoughts .Her mother’s death makes her identify strongly with Indian heritage. Ruma lives immersed in the memories of her dead mother, and even though it contradicts her American upbringing, she starts imitating her example. She does not reject American clothes, taste for American food, nor does

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