The Seven Sleepers Analysis

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Assignment #1 The focus of this essay will be to critically analyze the seemingly different and opposing short stories under the same theme of human psyche and behavior changes under different situations .The seven sleepers holding a high religious stature, the kite being a psychological study and the magic horse marking the cultural stereotypes all in some way cover the different aspects of human life The story of the seven sleepers Is a famous christan romance of the legendary heroes that lies in the adaptation about stories of martyrdom affirming the concept of resurrection from the dead and made a lasting impression on the early christan society .Tough it has may versions the one in discussion is of christan descent where the sleepers…show more content…
Next in discussion will be a middle eastern folk tale that emphasizes the cultural stereotypes attaches to certain objects and individuals and their manifestations throughout the story. As the plot slowly un folds ,the underlying them is a universal message of romance and how love conquers all and in the end the so called good ( Depending upon perspective) wins .The story chronological in order starts when an Indian (ugly) man who desires the hand of a princess in marriage presents the king with a horse that holds magical properties in return for the hand of one of the princesses in marrige .The king overcome by his desire to acquire the magnificent masterpiece leans toward the decision of accepting the proposal when he is…show more content…
The. kite is not only an object the story moves aroud but is also a symbolic representation of Herbert the positives and negatives .Positives being freedom.exploration expansion and variations of pride all that he aspired to,and the negatives the feeling of being out of control ,at the mercy of the surrounding envoirnment and the handler.the story initially between herbet his mother and father unravels to include beatres as his wife in a twist and turn of events an innocient child turns into an emotional sadist who rather endure the hardships of prison then pay his wife alimony the story is a complex concoction of emotional buildup its release and reaction the story starts off with Herbert and his mother who was a controlling
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