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As mentioned earlier, start-ups are growing and the ecosystem is great to foster innovation; however, “social start-ups” are marginalized. That is to say that less attention is paid to “social” aspect of start-ups, or in better word, to social start-ups. Social start-ups are those start-ups that try to create solutions in order to solve real world social problems in different domains (e.g. energy, health, medicine, education, environment, and the like). Although, it could be a critical phenomenon, the concept of “social start-up” is rarely discussed in the literature. The three main reasons why “social start-up” is important are as follows. First, social start-ups play a critical role in solving social problems through disruptive innovation or creative destruction (Dyda, 2008). Second, a typical social start-up highlights the childhood of a social business, a social venture, a social enterprise, or even a social organization (e.g. see Hill et al., 2010; Teasdale, 2010). Thus, conceptualizing this concept is of paramount importance, as it could clarify the nuances between those phenomena. Third, a considerable number of people tend to take…show more content…
While the first stream of research is primarily concerned with the new social venture creation phenomenon, the second one is mostly attempting to clarify some aspects of this process. Some authors were pioneers in the first stream. For instance, as Haugh (2007) argues , the process of community-led social venture creation could be clarified by studying some cases and she considers some main pillars in her multiple case study research. Moreover, Townsend and Hart (2008) scrutinized the role of institutional ambiguity and the choice of organizational form in this process. They considered these two elements as critical factors for the success of a typical social venture creation

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