Critical Thinker Characteristics

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Critical thinkers stand out from most other speakers, mainly because they leave a unique part of their personality in the conversations they make with other people. Here are some of the traits that mark a critical thinker: A critical thinker is an excellent listener If you consider yourself critical, then one of the most primordial skills you should have is the ability not just to listen, but to listen well. Much of your success as a thinker depends in huge part on how you respond to what people say or do. In fact, it can be argued that being critical is a test of your listening skills. The more you understand what others are saying, the easier it becomes for you to make snappy comebacks. A critical thinker is a quick thinker A critical…show more content…
At the same time, critical responses are at their most effective when said in the most appropriate time at the most appropriate context. Witticisms are anything but random; they are always used in the context of what has just been said. Therefore, it is necessary to have a fairly good grasp of when or when not to make critical responses ensure that they create a more memorable impact. A critical thinker is an observer The smartest and most effective conversationalistthinkers all share one trait in common: they are all keen observers. Studying how people behave, how they talk, what makes them funny and what the dynamics are in a conversation allows you to identify the right approach in dealing with others. Being observant also gives you enough material that you can bring up when you engage in future conversations. A critical thinker is almost always emotionally balanced Calm and collected -that is how you should deliver your witticisms. So it is hard to imagine how you can go about your witticisms if you are not at the right emotional state. Chances are, you may come across as boorish or rude, or just downright unfunny. In other words, you have to be in the right mood to make a particularly lasting impact to the people you are talking
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