Critical Thinking Ability To Success

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CRITICAL THINKING AN EFFECTIVE ATTRIBUTE FOR SUCCESS IN UNIVERSITY STUDIES INTRODUCTION Critical thinking is an imperative skill to acquire for university success and life in general (Wallace & Schirato, 1999). Thinking critically means being able to be aware, make connection with your learning to the world, question and be able to engage with the information you are taking in (Brookfield, 1987). This essay seeks to find out if critical thinking assists university students to succeed in their studies. It will firstly provide explanation on what is actually meant by thinking critically and how one can achieve it. Secondly, evidence will be provided as to whether critical thinking helps with university studies. A conclusion will follow. UNDERSTANDING CRITICAL THINKING The need for building student’s critical thinking ability as a principal objective of the university became recognized during the 1960s with the work of educational psychologist William Perry. Brookfield (1987, p.2) defined critical thinking as the ability to think clearly and rationally and as a logical and persistent attempt to use thoughts in moving towards a future goal. According to Kennedy (2010, p.23) critical thinking is a conceptualized area of instruction that is associated with logic, which is not a particular field of study but a character aligned to success. Furthermore critical thinking includes the ability to engage in inflective learning and it is also a special tool needed in research and

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