Critical Thinking And Reflection

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Nursing education emphasizes the value of critical thinking skills to ensure that nursing professionals achieve success in their career. Critical thinking and reflection require nurses to question the underlying assumptions, facts, and arguments in order to develop new knowledge and skills. However, as MacDonalds-Wicks and Levet-Joness (2012) indicate, today’s learning and teaching methods do not support the development of high-level clinical thinking skills. Additionally, many educators often find difficulties incorporating technology in their teaching approaches and in the classroom. For the educators to overcome the challenges of using technology, they should become competent in different software applications and equipment. Livesay, Lawrence, and Miller (2015) examined the perceptions educators on when simulation. Using semi-structured interviews, the author observed the need to ensure that all staff members share a common frame of reference to ensure the success of simulation programs. It is important to consider the attitudes of the academic staff and ensure that they all subscribe to a shared language and vision. Simulation provides a practical way for nurse leaders to make organizational changes (Taplay, Jack, Baxter, Eva, & Martin, 2014). The author 's findings mirror the assertion of MacDonalds-Wicks and Levet-Joness (2012) who advocates for the need to introduce technology in the classroom. Gore, Leighton, Sanderson and Wang (2014) explored the student perception

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