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After taking a week-long break from concentrating on my paper, reflecting on it revealed different aspects of my argument. First, one strength of my paper is my perspective. Although I am biased in assuming that the core requirements are beneficial, I support this claim with evidence. I do this through my credibility statement, "During the beginning of my freshman year, the abundance of core annoyed me; however, learning the intentions behind the stipulations led me to acceptance and understanding." Also, I try to relay to the audience Calvin 's reasoning behind the requirements. Furthermore, I respond to opposing arguments to build my claim, and ensure my perspective is well-thought out and credible. Overall, my perspective is biased because…show more content…
Next, I framed and presented my argument by explaining the controversy on core, clarifying the purpose of core, presenting objections to the core, and explaining possible frustration from being opposed. Through the development of my argument, I attempted to persuade the reader that the requirements exhibit a beneficial purpose, and a liberal arts education is an advantage in post-college life. To evoke credibility in the presentation of my argument, I effectively established ethos by sharing how my perspective has changed, and by using Calvin 's resources to support my position. Likewise, I acknowledged counter arguments to verify my consideration of both sides of the controversy with my audience. Overall, my persuasive essay is effective in recognizing different positions on the situation, and by using an article from Calvin 's website to educate my audience on the benefits. Because I recognize that many people oppose due to their lack of education on the topic, this essay is capable of encouraging the opposition to reconsider their stance. For those who exhibit reasonable arguments of opposition, this essay indicates the overpowering advantages of the core requirements. All in all, the demonstration of my thesis across my paper creates credibility in my perspective, and, hopefully, motivates my audience to reconsider their position if they were opposed, and provides stronger support for those who were already in
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