Critical Thinking Diagnostic Tool Result

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The Critical Thinking Diagnostic Tool Result develop by the Advisory Board Company Research (2010). This tool asses 25 core critical thinking competencies divided in 5 categories: problem solving, decision-making, prioritization, clinical implementation and reflection. This Thinking Diagnostic tool has established reliability and validity. Cronbach alpha coefficient for each scale within the survey were 0.976 for all survey item for clinical decision 0.93, for problem recognition 0.882, for prioritization 0.919, for clinical implementation and reflection 0. Data Collection This project will direct to three objectives of analysis of for seniors undergraduate nursing student; clinical reasoning, decision making, basic leadership…show more content…
The setting for this project will be in the academic simulation clinical laboratory of the nursing school. The statistical that I will use to describe the population is the descriptive statistic, such as means, and the standard deviations to determine the characteristic and competency score, this help to understand the range of case (Kim & Mallory, 2014). Also, a t-test statistic for dependent group will be performed to determine if there is statistically significant difference in mean to assess nursing competency. All these measures will be obtaining using SPSS (Kim & Mallory,…show more content…
Eventual, the next the collected data is will validity from error. According to, Kim and Mallory (2014). “error is a threat to both internal and external validity of a study”. The assumption test is required to be performed and met. Data Analysis Methods A Wilcoxon rank-sum will be apply to validated that is not violated a nonparametric test. Another test to be perform will be the t-Test paired for dependent variable group. According, to Kim and Mallor, the measure is using to analyze on simple group before and after (2014 p. 313). Central tendency statistic for the independent variable it will be reported as Mode, Median, and Standard Deviation. Data Management Methods The data security is an important concern and for this project the participant will be assigned with an identification ID number, a codding list will be crated for the participants. This coding list will be stored in the office of the primary investigator in an archive with a locker. The data collection tool will not have any information that identify the participants and it will be store in a different archive with a locker. Also, a process for tracking the student’s responses will be monitor for the pretest and posttest
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