Critical Thinking In Nursing

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Nurses are dissimilar in many ways compared to other healthcare providers. Nursing approach towards patients care is different due to their training and scope of practice. Nursing practice is a wide diversity of practice areas, using a different scope of practice. By tradition nurses use to be taking orders from doctors. However, today nursing practice is far more advanced and specialized due to the training advancements. To endorse and improve quality of life for patients, nurses develop care plans by working collaboratively with the patients and doctors as well (Taylor, et. al. 2011).
Nurses are required to used critical thinking and it is been used widely in nursing profession. Critical thinking is known as a process of searching, gaining, evaluating, analyzing, synthesizing and conceptualizing information as a tool to develop the thinker’s self-awareness and the ability to utilize the information. In nursing practice, nursing process is not something new; it had been used for a long time. The framework for providing professional and quality care is nursing process. Nurses use it in every practice setting and specialty as it directs nursing activities. Basis for critical thinking in nursing is provided by nursing process (Burnard, 1989).
Nursing process is a foundation for professional practice in everyday nursing practice. Nursing process is used as a problem-solving activity to think about a plan of care for the patient’s. Nursing process is also described as a nursing

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