Critical Thinking: Rationalizing Issues, Problems, And Purpose

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Critical thinking is the idea of analyzing, evaluating and rationalizing issues, concepts, problems, and purpose. Critical thinking is not only utilized in workplaces, but we also use this skill in our day to day life even if we do not realize it. There were times where critically thinking has helped me on many occasion in my personal life. About a few weeks ago, I moved in with two of my friends in an apartment. Unfortunately, a day before I had moved in, it had snowed heavily covering my parking stall, so I parked in my neighbor's stall by accident. The next day, there was an angry letter left on my car by the owner of the stall. The letter claimed that she had a bad week and parking in her stall made her more upset; she also stated that if I did not move my car, she would tow it.…show more content…
I thought about the consequences if I had confronted her with her angry letter but I was new in the neighborhood, and I wanted to be in good terms with my neighbors. A day after, I decided to lower my pride, and I left her a letter of apology and some gifts outside her door. Instead of making the situation more complicated, I took the initiative to admit my mistake and be more understanding to reduce the tension and hope for a chance to create a good relationship with my neighbor. In this situation, I believe I made the right decision to understand the situation first from both perspectives before making a quick response. This is an example of how I demonstrated critical thinking in my daily life. As a critical thinker I believe it is important to be open-minded to different perspective of the

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