Stuart Hazeldine Critical Thinking Skills

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The film Exam by Stuart Hazeldine is a good example of people exhibiting different critical thinking skills. It features 8 examinees, only one of which was given the job in the company. The exam challenged not just their logical thinking, but also their mental and emotional resilience. In the end, Blonde passed the exam and got the job. Blonde displayed excellent logical thinking and the right disposition. This made her the best critical thinker out of the other examinees. She was shown to possess great observational skills, like when she found the emergency lighting in the walls of the room. She also hid her paper underneath the table from the water shower, which could mean she is very cautious and careful about her actions. She was rational, as supported by how she thinks first…show more content…
He is discriminating, as shown by his assigning nicknames based on the “visuals” and how he makes inappropriate remarks to the women examinees. He’s narcissistic, according to Dark, and takes advantage of people whenever he feels like it. He is not afraid to hurt anyone if it means getting what he wants. Unlike Brown, he does not think of the consequences of his actions. His impatience led to his undoing, as seen when he quickly bragged about him winning while the time is not yet up. I believe trust also played an important role in the interactions among the examinees. There was this game called “Evolution of Trust” by Nicky Case in which you will get to know how trust works and how miscommunication can disrupt it. From what I learned from that game, it seems that Blonde still has the best chance of passing the exam because she is nice but not naïve. She is kind enough to trust the other examinees, but she never let her guard down. In that case, Brunette would fare the worst because she was quick to trust people and had let her guard down unlike the
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